Chester-le-Street Ramblers

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Getting to the start

Getting to the start of the walkCar Share

As a group we have always advocated car sharing

Chester-le Street Ramblers alway meet up at the old "Civic Centre" car park (next to the Police Station on Newcastle Bank DH3 3UA) 15 mins prior to leaving for walk venue, for a "meet and greet" for old and new walkers, and the sorting of car sharing, and the walk leader confirms the exact parking location.  


(1) everyone knows the meeting point,

(2) less cars on the road (in general),

(3) less cars mean less CO2 pumped into our atmosphere,

(4) non car owners can also walk and enjoy our countryside (they just need to turn up)

(5) less cars in sometimes restricted carpark at the start, 

(6) every walker that turns up for the walk can get a ride to the start,

(7) you can be a driver or a passenger,

(8) as a passenger you will be exspected to sunbscribe a nominal amount to the driver towards costs (may include parking fees)

Wednesday, December 19, 2018