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                 Basic must have walking kit requirement

packing kit



Boots/Shoes...Socks... Walking Trousers,/Shorts Waterproofs...  Mid Layers... Packed Lunches..etc,



Boots/Shoes These are the most important purchase you will make. they should purchased with comfort in mind rather than cost. They are better if waterproof and breathable.

Socks. It is worth in investing in a pair of decent pair of walking socks as they help to prevent blisters.(some opt for 2 finer pairs)

Walking Trousers. a  sensible pair of trousers,some quick drying cotton or fleece  based are ideal, not jeans, as they take a long time to dry and wet jeans can cause chaffing

Waterproofs.  jacket & trousers, an essential investment with our inclement weather, even a pancho
Mid Layers...A top, a fleece jacket,can come in various warm ratings, there are now windproof versions
Packed Lunch to eat whilst walking ie, cereal bars, chocolate bars, fruit , alway have plenty of liquids available, (alway have more than you think you require)

Rucksacks./Bumbags. for day walks, with comfortable straps ,as long as its big enought to hold all day walking kit.

 Gaitors.. These are waterproof covers for your boots, they are not essential but a good idea to keep your feet dry, and can reduce mud getting on your trouser bottoms.

 Walking Poles. A personel choice, good in muddy conditions, and are said to reduce stress on knee joints and good for testing puddle depth/hacking down nettles

 First aid kit. A small basic first aid kit. You can but these ready made in Tesco, Boots or just make your own up.

Whistle. Any type of whistle,(as long as its loud) ensure it is on a length of string.

Emergency Goodies... Boiled sugary sweets,fruit pastiles, chocolates, toffees, Kendal Mint Cake, glucouse tablets, anything for a quick energy boost



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Sunday, February 18, 2018